Thursday, March 02, 2006


Pallor of autumn moonlight,
cast across one lonely sea,
unearthly vessel thrice passing,
salvation ebbing quietly to me.
Laboring tides collide about,
launched, upward and swift,
set this passionate bounty before me,
then elusively cast it adrift.

I breath the sting
salt vapor and spray,
mingling rage,
quelled calm - the ocean,
my gaping heart cresting
on careworn tides
foamy springs from Triton’s potion.
The pang
beaded waves distress,
succumb my soul to sweet kisses wild,
weighted breezes lustily billowing
softly teasing,
perpetually beguiled.

At once, I awaken as before,
escaping nature’s cold dampening grasp,
forever altered to the better, to sea,
this lover, always knowing you.


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