Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Tender gales whistle the willows
in radiating stalks of sun
birthed, then gone -
yet in my heart
renewal springs
the sacred parchment memoirs,
beckoning life and love
to linger on.

As the cradle of innocence
born in rippling seas,
marries shellfish
to engorging sands,
as flaxen hours
sift, are bare caressed,
through foamy lace
ebbing salty kisses
upon rejuvenating lands.

No coastal regret may captivate -
Triton unleashes his tidal dismay
hearty in mariner’s pride
swallowing swarthy romances,
dragged under mermaid’s breath,
thrust deep and forth, then carelessly away.
When August moon love decorates
its prelude to shipwreck in fresh barnacles
leaving bitter thoughts to betray.

Yet, how quick the light timber easily departs,
leaving behind its vestiges in swift,
heavy autumn decay,
splashing the pool of merriment about
dense plunder sprites
succumbing to their weighty despair
in oceanic cascades,
bon-sky embers afire,
smoldering fool’s folly -
under bountiful mist-laden crutches.

How now, cries the pagan sprig
in bereavement of cursed winter renewed,
her wretched frozen oasis
dangling death upon the heath,
a frigid mantel in crusted oceans
where skaters slice up the ice,
and silver wet flakes parade
their grey-toned firmament,
extracting the seasonal vice.

And here,
atop this encroaching epoch,
the canyon sparrow weeps
an eternal sonnet
encircling each final breath
awaiting the end of time
in her setting sun,
the wrenching winds have told and taught her,
my hopes,
diseased fears,
all dreams gone by,
like reflections in the water.


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