Sunday, April 23, 2006


In a blaze of heated glory
he parades…
haughty pursuit -
speedy dreams
caught clutch
in a gale force F-5
collision of luminous streaks.

Generating fits in shocks
the remnant after-spark
of impatient toe to heel
back and forth
cross the living room rug.

A flurry of activity
twixt perpendicular struts
raising lint from cushions
breaking exculpatory beads
streaking his defiant brow.

Internal fluster pulse
lubricating the pistons of his mind
revving speedometer
gearshift whirling in place
each petty
revisited notion
…mere mortality –

“I am intrepid!”
“I am fearless!”
“I am the master of my domain!”

…now if I could just remember…
where did I put my car keys?


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