Thursday, February 16, 2006


The essence of life
is that it is not fair,
Yet it delivers no more hardship
than we are likely to bear.

Draw strength from the ordinary,
and courage in the mundane,
for these are your solitary compatriots
when the hours have dimmed.

I believe that all of life is a test,
the result - we are reckoned
with our fallible nature,
as flawed and unworthy.

If we accept life,
as only that sheer series of tasks
it shall subsist as nothing more,
and adopt a pallid disguise
of drudgery most profane.

But, if we truly observe this brief passage of time
for what it may be,
an epic challenge to be discovered,
finely met and thoroughly conquered,
then life will become that journey we've dreamed:
a miscellaneous of grand illusions,
full of mystery,
and ultimate rebirth:
an escapade granted us all
the honor to participate in.

I accept this challenge.
My fervent wish is that so do you.


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